[PATCH Notice] There is a rounding error in PRD-3.7/3.8

Shortly after the release of Pentaho Reporting 3.8, we got reports that the nasty rounding error introduced in PRD-3.7 (PRD-3080) partially survived the surgery.

The bug caused rounding errors when we formatted and displayed numbers in a report and I highly advice anyone to install this patch.

Even though all patches and binaries of the bugfix releases are always available to our paying customers via the Pentaho support, I consider this one critical enough to make this patch available to the global community as well.

So grab the patch to the patch:

Patch Installation

Place this jar into both into your Pentaho Report Designer and BI-Server library directory.

For Pentaho Report Designer

(1) locate the “lib” directory in the Report Designer Installation directory
(2) delete the “libformat-1.2.3.jar” file.
(3) copy the “libformat-1.2.4.jar” file you just downloaded into this lib-directory.

For the Pentaho BI-Platform

(1) locate the “biserver-ee/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib” directory in your BI-Server Installation directory.
(2) delete the “libformat-1.2.3.jar” file.
(3) copy the “libformat-1.2.4.jar” file you just downloaded into this lib-directory.

After that, restart your BI-Server and your Pentaho Report Designer.

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