CI builds for Pentaho Reporting 5.0

As the Pentaho CI Server had technical difficulties offering report-designer snapshots over the last few weeks (which finally are resolved now) I finally decided to dust off my Jenkins and Artifactory servers to get community builds out there.

And even though the Pentaho CI server now once again offers a Pentaho Report Designer snapshot build, I think it is a good idea to have a second fall over CI server.

So from now on, you can always get the latest build from the CI-Builds page on this blog. I will add a feed for the 3.9-x branch and an additional (inofficial and unsupported) 5.0 branch in a few days.

So go grab your CI build!

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After working as all-hands guy and lead developer on Pentaho Reporting for over an decade, I have learned a thing or two about report generation, layouting and general BI practices. I have witnessed the remarkable growth of Pentaho Reporting from a small niche product to a enterprise class Business Intelligence product. This blog documents my own perspective on Pentaho Reporting's development process and our our steps towards upcoming releases.

3 thoughts on “CI builds for Pentaho Reporting 5.0

  1. Francisco Javier Coenda

    Hi. I try to download the trunk of PRD but the server give me the following mesagge:

    You don’t have permission to access /downloads/obesity/ on this server.

    1. ThomasThomas Post author

      This is fixed now. The CI server needed to make sure that the files are accessible to the web server. Damn paranoid configs 🙂

  2. vine


    im using pentaho report designer and when a create a simple .prpt and export to excel the columns are ploted so big and sometimes just show up the first column.

    and when i set compatibility-lvel 3.9.1 in pentaho report designer the export to excel works fine.

    do u know how to solve it ?

    i realy need your help


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