Wanted: Report Design Wizard

The report-design-wizard has been sentenced to dead for unclean and undirected growth. Over last three years it threatened innocent users with a undocumented and unclean definition language that depended on several XML-hacks and a implementation of features that cannot be accepted in a civilized world.

After spawning an Ad-Hoc-companion, implanting itself into the Report-Designer and terrorizing innocent reporting-engine developers way to long, the government of the reporting-projects finally set out to end the threat this creature imposes to all of us.

Many atrocities have been committed by the wizard:

  • the file-format, based on Castor-XML-Serialization, is highly redundant and only defined in code.
  • the large dependency list of 60MB of JAR files for the sake of querying databases and for firing a preview, while the same could be achieved in 12MBs.
  • providing a report-preview using a embedded HTTP-Server, while the reporting-engine ships with fully functional print-preview
  • the wizard’s execution and fileformat is inherently and unfixable tied to the Simple-XML fileformat, which is deprecated now; while the reporting engine provides a fully featured API to define and write reports to XML files.

The Governor of the development province of Pentaho-Reporting hereby offers a reward of 30 silver coins for all information that leads to the imprisonment of this foe, so that the hangman can finally end the suffering of this foul beast.

Warning: The Report-Design-Wizard is armed and dangerous and usually seen in companion with 12 other dangerous fellows. If you see them, do not try to arrest them yourself. Please call the local authorities for assistance.

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