Santa dropped CDA datasources

The first few 4.0 features are in.

In the subversion repository, you can now find a CDA data-factory (along with a report-designer GUI plugin). This new data-factory allows you to use a server side CDA data-source in your report. You will need a very recent build of CDA to make it work (as CDA 1.0 had a bug in its XML exporter).

Grab the CDA sources from and build it with “ant resolve dist” and you are ready to go.

And secondly: Pentaho Reporting learned a couple of new barcodes. Our barcode element now uses Barcode4J in addition to Barbecue and thus adds support for the following barcodes:

  • EAN-8
  • EAN-128
  • UPC-E
  • Data-Matrix
  • Royal Mail
  • US-Postal Service Intelligent Mail

Merry Christmas!

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