Pentaho 5.0 hits the sourceforge servers – go grab it!

Today the long wait is over, as Pentaho released the community editions of version 5.0 of the Pentaho BA-Suite, which includes Pentaho Reporting and Pentaho Data Integration.

Pentaho Reporting 5.0 is a big step closer to the crosstab feature that has been sorely missing. To keep the waiting time exciting, we added some goodies.

The feature with the most impact is the support for CSS-inspired style-sheets. These stylesheets combine CSS3 selectors with our own flavor of style-properties. The stylesheet selectors are powerful enough to replace the majority of uses of style-expressions for conditional formatting, and above all: they can be shared across reports.

A new “sequence” data-source joined the list of data sources, and combines an easy API and an auto-generated UI into a handy package. This data source allows you to feed data into the reporting engine by writing just a handful of classes. This reduces the time to spin of a new data source from days to hours.

While speaking of data sources: Pentaho Reporting 5 has a new way to interface with Pentaho Data-Integration. The big-data-mode uses a convention based approach to make KTR files (PDI transformations) available as standalone data sources. Inputs and outputs are auto-mapped and we reuse PDI-dialogs inside the report-designer to configure queries. This hides the complexity of the data-integration process and makes querying data a seamless experience.

The BA-server contains a host of goodies, including the final transition away from the home cooked file repository to a JCR-backed repository, along with a full set of REST APIs to communicate with the server. Anyone trying to integrate the BA-server into an existing set of applications can now rejoice in happiness.

So go to and grab the software.

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After working as all-hands guy and lead developer on Pentaho Reporting for over an decade, I have learned a thing or two about report generation, layouting and general BI practices. I have witnessed the remarkable growth of Pentaho Reporting from a small niche product to a enterprise class Business Intelligence product. This blog documents my own perspective on Pentaho Reporting's development process and our our steps towards upcoming releases.

5 thoughts on “Pentaho 5.0 hits the sourceforge servers – go grab it!

  1. Daniel Wilson

    SourceForge marks 5.0 as stable, but your home page lists it as development-only. Could you confirm/deny whether 5.0 is a production-worthy version?

    We’re developing with it and using it, but encountering a few frustrating inconsistencies … and genuinely struggling with parameters.


    1. ThomasThomas Post author

      Ahh, yes, 5.0 is the latest stable release. Damn, I really should update that front-page 🙂

  2. Daniel Wilson

    Thanks, Thomas!

    I tried to reproduce the “frustrating inconsistencies” … only to find that on my machine running OpenJDK 1.6 it worked better than on the one running OpenJDK 1.7.

    1. ThomasThomas Post author

      Careful. OpenJDK is not 100% compatible with the JDK, so anything can happen. We only support the official Oracle JDKs for that matter. However, if you can reliably replicate the problems I would love to see the bug report for it. It does no harm fixing these problems, after all.

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