Crosstab update – Pagebreaks and header visibility

prd-screen-capture-6It has been a while since I wrote something about the eternal project. So here’s a quick update.

I just checked in a few changes to the crosstab backend and the magical create-a-crosstab dialog. In addition to selecting the row- and column-dimensions (as usual), you now get a bunch of extra options for your crosstab.

The most interesting ones are the switch from a static width and height (80x20pt) to relative sizes. With that a crosstab now tries to fill the available space as good as possible, expanding and shrinking elements when needed.

Marius requested an option to show title headers for the measures. You can control whether you want such headers (they are there by default) or not. As bonus, you get control over the title headers of your column dimensions as well, in case you like it minimalistic.

Last but not least: When a crosstab is larger than a single page, then we now create proper pagebreaks and preprint the header-section on the next page.

For this release, that basically concludes the feature hunt. Until we actually wrap up and do a release build, its hardening and bug-fixing time. So give it a try, and if you tickle a bug out of it, I would be pleased if you could feed our JIRA beast with it.

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