Eat your own dog-food; Part 2

After happily adding new features for the 0.8.9 line, I’m at the point where debugging and the creation of demo code forces me to use the stuff I use.

We now have native border and backgrounds for all elements. Of course, whenever I copy ideas, I copy them all. Our border model is the same as the one used in CSS3 – each edge can be configured independently with width, color and stroke-style. Additionally, each border corner can be rounded off.

So to define the border, you need 3 properties for each of the 4 edges plus (if you want rounded corners) 4 * 2 properties (one x and y property for the corner). After all, you end up with 20 properties.

20 properties – that may need to be added to multiple elements. And this for our Simple-XML definition – which is meant to be written and read by human users. I should have seen this. But did I? No.

So before I continue to get sore fingers from writing the same 20 properties over and over again, I’m adding shortcuts to the Simple-XML parser. Hmm,.. should have added them from the very beginning.

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