Comparing Barcelona with Orlando


– The airport area looks the same. (Airports itself probably always look the same everywhere). The same mix of swamps, large free area that eventually turns into storage buildings or other low-density industrial area in a couple of years. The same large ads.
– Traffic jams. What use is a highway system, if everyone (except the motorcycles) is crawling?
– Climate. well, not the exactly the same. Barcelona is located directly at the sea, so its not *that* humid as Orlando.
– Air conditioning. Everywhere. And even large buildings dont have central ones, every window has its own small air conditioner attached.
– Food*. Not sure how Columbus made it to America with such food*. Well, I’m not sure how the americans survive with their food* either.
– Being offended by naked skin. You cant enter the Cathedral of Barcelona if you are a scrupelous woman that walks freely around with naked shoulders. Terrible such behaviour, isn’t it? And next woman want to vote. Seriously, even in Bavaria (which is strict** in religious topics) one would not be able to survive (policitally, not physically) with such an idea (ban naked skin, not voting***).
– The Sun is the same. I made some scientific experiments and can confirm: It produces the same kind of sun burn in both cities.


– Its older. The whole inner city of Barcelona smells of history.
– Its slower (especially in the rush hour). They take their time to build proper things. One cathedral is being built since 1882. They may finish it in 2020. Or later.
– Its has a city center. Orlando is a large assortation of villages, the city center is so small that you could miss it when you walk through it (I missed it twice. I was surprised once I found it. Now I dont miss it anymore.)

Tomorrow the OpenOffice Conference will start in the old university. The building itself feels more like a museum – old paintings and beautiful gardens. Being there makes you feel as if you traveled back in time 600 years (except for the existence of ring-tones and the non-existence of the spanish inquisition).

* The term food is used loosely here. In some countries chefs may be burned (or worse: fed such things) for comming up with such creations. But visiting either city is always a good time to loose some extra pounds of body weight.

** Strict, in comparison to the other German states. Not as strict as Vatican city, of course.

*** In Bavaria, there is no sense in inventing voting. There is just one party that counts, so it more or less comes down to a Yes or No thing. And Nos dont count either.

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