Year of the Mass-Elections in Germany

A few days ago the US closed the book of having a Bush clan member as president for the next 4 years (after that, there is still a unburned Bush active in Florida), and Barack Obama slowly gets the old folks from the Clinton area back into the seats of power. All the mud-throwing and mutual cut-throat competition, name calling and general power stuggles are great to distract people from the real issues, so lets not stop them in 2009: Germany joins the club of democracy-simulating countries by throwing in 8 elections this year.

Of course, the election for the European Parliament really does not matter anymore. As soon as Ireland agrees (this way or another) to the Treaty of Lisbon, the parliament will be reduced in its importance to a old men’s club. Then Europe finally has a chance to overcome the insane ideas of 1789, and the parliament will only be allowed to comment, but no longer to veto or even influence legislations issued by the European Commision. So its only 7 elections that count.

For Germany, the main question will be: Will the long bearded evil guys or the criminals win?

The long bearded guys.
Over the last years, governments all around the world worked hard to slim their processes down (by removing controlling organs and participation) in order to increase the efficiency of our society. Removing oversight always unlocks the progressive forces in a free market and is guaranteed to make people rich*.

So in this country, in this year, we have to choose sides: Do we want known criminals deconstruct our society via full scale surveillance, police state tactics and a general “take from the poor, give to the rich” behavioral pattern, or do we want a change towards a true multi-party system, instead of having the “mult-party, single agenda” system of the CDSPU?
So far, it seems realistic that neither the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU**) nor the Social Democratic Party (SPD***) wont get a majority. The fun will start, if both get not enough votes to even form a 2-party coalition. If that happens, I will throw a party.

* Not all of course. If all people have the same amount of money, no one would be rich.

** Neither the words Democratic nor Christan has no meaning here. Its just a marketing gag, really.

*** Social-Democratic should not be mixed with either “social” or “democratic”. Meanings changed, and in the same way, the “War ministry” is now called “Defence ministry” words no longer tell the truth.

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