Work on the next release started: Lemonade is brewing

Citrus-PRD 3.5.0-GA is out of the door, and as our new product gets used in more and more real-world scenarios, new issues and bugs start flowing in.

Therefore, our next release will continue to concentrate on bug-fixes and ironing out the rough edges instead of shaking the boat with new large scale features. Sorry, crosstab-crows, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The issues addressed so far already sparked some API-changes so that the implementation of the fix can be as efficient as possible. That makes it impossible to slap a “patch” release label on the code, therefore we will number the codeline 3.6 instead of 3.5.1. As usual, you can follow our progress in JIRA. The release should be ready to go at the end of November.

The project name for this release will be Lemonade, as it is a lot of Citrus with a few bits of Sugar.

The major feature work will concentrate on implementing

  • formula-parameters to post-process incoming inputs (PRD-2207)
  • hidden parameters, so that you have control, which parameters end up in the UI (PRD-2208)
  • MDX roles(PRD-2071)
  • A set of new “MDX (Custom)” datasources to allow the same degree of flexibility we offer for the JDBC datasources. (PRD-2212)
  • and of course, many, many bug-fixes. (The more you report, the more will be fixed.)
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