Staying in touch with the Pentaho Reporting project

Whether you are a Pentaho Customer or a Pentaho Community Member, it is always nice to stay up to date with our progress. This especially matters if your favourite new feature or least-favourite bug get crunched right now.

So here’s how to do it:

(1) If you’re just interested in a single issue: Subscribe to the issue. There is no case yet? Create one, JIRA is open.

(2) If you want all issues reported in JIRA subscribe to a RSS feed.
Pentaho Reporting Issues RSS Feed

(3) Alternatively, subscribe to the Pentaho Reporting Developers List, and you get all JIRA updates into your Inbox.

(4) You want to know it all, every single commit? Subscribe to the Pentaho Reporting Commits Mailing List.

Personally, I use both the RSS feed and the mailing lists. The commits-list is most useful to see the source-code level changes coming in for reviewing those changes.

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